Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kinds of puzzles do you have?

We have a large variety of unique puzzles, and we try to avoid repeating a specific type of puzzle more than once. You will find word puzzles like crossword puzzles, cryptograms and anagrams. You will find logic puzzles like sudoku, slitherlink and battleship. You will find math puzzles like kakuro, magic squares and crypto-math. You may also find coloring puzzles, mazes or connect the dots.

What is the difficulty level?

We have tried very hard to make our puzzles moderately challenging. Not too easy, not too hard. A skilled puzzle solver may spend 20-30 minutes per puzzle and a novice may spend up to an hour. If you find yourself spending more than an hour on a puzzle without making significant progress, please check to see if a hint is available.

What if I get stuck on a puzzle?

Don't worry, we have a built in hint system to help you out. And if you use all the hints and still need help, please contact us. Our puzzles are meant to provide a fun challenge, not an impossible frustration. We won't let anybody get stuck permanently.

Is this free?

PuzzleTales is a commercial website. To continue making our great stories and puzzles, we ask our users to purchase our experiences for a modest fee that we believe provides a good entertainment value. Please help support us so that we can continue to make more puzzle tales in the future.

What's this about a Kickstarter?

We used Kickstarter to fund this project. Almost 300 backers supported us and helped us get this project off the ground. Thanks!

How does the high score board work?

If you can solve the final puzzle and unlock the conclusion to the story, you will get your name on our High Score page. You can reach the conclusion without solving all the puzzles and finding all the secrets, so after you have reached the conclusion, you can still go back and tie up lose ends and try to improve your score. The date listed next to your name on the high score board will be the date of the most recent puzzle that you have solved. Once you have solved all the puzzles, you will have the highest score possible.

Why are there multiple high score lists?

One of the perks for our Kickstarter backers was a special high score list separate from the regular high score list. If you were a Kickstarter backer your score will appear on this special list. If you purchased the experience directly through our website then you will appear on the regular high score list.

Are there any puzzles hidden in this FAQ?


Is this the last question?

It is right now.